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Posted May 08, 2013 in Community Featured, Des Moines West

DSC_0042Eric and Lisa Turner found the family home they were looking for when they moved two blocks over to the house at 730 54th St.

The couple had their third son and realized they needed more room. They looked at houses throughout the neighborhood and decided to stay on the city’s west side.

“We determined, in the end, we really enjoyed the neighborhood,” Eric says.

Lisa agrees, and adds that the couple also liked the schools in the neighborhood. They also had good friends in the neighborhood, as did their children.

The Turners moved into the white brick house in June 2000. Two of the couple’s sons, Drew and Ross, are now in college, but Ned, 14, still lives at home.

The couple says the house has been a great family home.

“With three boys, it’s been used,” Eric says, adding that there wasn’t a blade of grass in the family’s backyard for years because the boys and their friends played lots of soccer, baseball and football games.

The couple jokes they also had to let go of worrying about scuffed walls or things getting broken with three boys. As the boys grew older, the yard was played in less, and eventually grass has regrown.

Above: The Turner house at 730 54th St. Left: Eric and Lisa Turner with their  youngest son, Ned.

Above: The Turner house at 730 54th St.
Left: Eric and Lisa Turner with their
youngest son, Ned.

The house is located on a lot with lots of trees, so many that when they leaf out, the backyard is almost entirely shaded and the Turners hardly need to use their air conditioning.

There were other pluses about the house that the family learned over time.

“There were several things we didn’t appreciate until we moved in,” Eric says, adding that living on a dead-end street has been a plus for the family. It’s been quieter and safer for their children to play without traffic driving through, and as a result, the couple knows all of their neighbors very well.

The couple says another one of the selling points of their house was the sunroom that the previous owners had built onto the house.

“When we toured the house, it was snowing outside, and it was just beautiful” from the sunroom, Eric says.

The house had been well maintained when the Turners bought it. They only made cosmetic updates: changing light fixtures and painting walls and the fireplace. Lisa painted the fireplace red, which Eric jokes that it took him a while to get on board with.

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