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Book displays

Posted May 08, 2013 in Community Featured, Norwalk

Have you ever wondered where the ideas come from for the displays in the Norwalk Easter Public Library?

Well, I can honestly say, literally, from anywhere and everywhere. For example, the March center display came about from a conversation with a friend about a framed quote hanging on her mother’s wall which reads “Thanks for looking up,” and we turned it around to use as “Thanks for looking down” as in noticing the good books on the bottom shelves of the library that may normally get overlooked. Another example was when I spotted two John Deere-themed bird feeders at a consignment shop and those became the basis for the truck, tractor and spring planting-themed display in the children’s area.

Another good source is the American Library Association catalog with its suggestion of month by month commemoration of events. If you have not had a chance to peek into Chase’s Calendar of Events, which is updated yearly, you are truly missing a treat. Every day there are several suggestions for celebrations as diverse as “Hug Your Cat Day” to “Married to a Scorpio Support Day” to “Samoan Fire Dance Day.” I sometimes use this book to get ideas for other displays because oftentimes a sentence in a book will trigger an idea.

As I travel regularly for pleasure, I always look at what other libraries are doing and may tweak (steal/borrow) their ideas as well. And finally, sometimes a song title, billboard or a walk around the block will trigger an idea as well.

We are starting to incorporate small displays in all our nooks and crannies to give even greater diversity and utilize all our available spaces.  Be on the watch for a new display with combinations of books and their companion recipe book.

Of course, if you have some great ideas for displays, I would love to hear about them. We are very fortunate that our library’s collection is deep enough to accommodate a variety of displays, so bring them on. We also encourage you to check out any of the books on display. After all, they are here to be read and checked out.

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