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Reasons to remain in Beaverdale

Posted April 24, 2013 in Advice Column, Beaverdale

Hello, Beaverdale, and thanks for reading my article as it’s my pleasure to be able to communicate with you this way.

This neighborhood of ours is something so very special; I know most of you know this. There are people who have lived here for years, and there are people moving into the neighborhood all the time, too. Let’s please ask ourselves: Why would anyone ever want to move out? Sure, there are job relocations, and we can’t do much about those kinds of transfers. There are also family-forced moves when people need to get closer to family members.  Let’s discuss the other reasons for moving as we talk about the overwhelming reasons for not moving out of Beaverdale.

Small closets are a big issue amongst residents. Small kitchens are, too, and small baths, for that matter. We all know the answer to a lot of these concerns is remodeling. How about building and designing a new house in Beaverdale? This is a good answer and an option most people don’t realize. There are many options real estate professionals can help you with such as sherriff’s sales, tax sales, foreclosure, short sales, public nuisance, fire sales, etc. Those all offer opportunities to buy a piece of property for below market value and then be considered for deconstruction on good 50310 lots. People in Chicago do it all the time for neighborhoods they love; people in Des Moines can do it, too. If you are worried about value and sales comparable, please consider the fact that there are $250K – $500K homes all over our neighborhood.

How about schools? Maybe you just don’t want to go to the Des Moines Public Schools in your district. That’s a bummer, because you probably have misunderstood notions about these schools. Secondly, you haven’t actually taken the time to find out for yourself how good or bad these schools are by utilizing a walk-through and in-person interview.  Our principals are more than happy to meet with you to answer any and all of your questions. Then you can decide for yourself how you feel about your  Des Moines Public School District. Don’t forget — your open enrollment options are endless around Des Moines as well as opportunities that aren’t so traditional.  Obviously, my alma matter, Holy Trinity, would love for you to consider a private education as any private school would welcome you, too.

Older adults (seniors) have lots of options around here as I see it, although how about ”the baby boomers?” Fifty-five-plus living in associations is a void I feel needs addressed here in Beaverdale.  People who want their exterior property maintenance covered by an association is a big reason, too, why people leave our beautiful hood.

Information provided by Matt Connolly, Generation Green Builders, 3521 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, 515-453-6196

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