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Personality of its own

Posted March 27, 2013 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Suzanne and Dewey Cantrell have added their own unique touches to their home on Grant Circle.

Suzanne and Dewey Cantrell have added their own unique touches to their home on Grant Circle.

This Pleasant Hill residence may look like the expected 1993 split-level home. But it’s not. It’s clear from the front steps that something is a little different here.

The walkway to the front door is colorized stamped concrete. You can find the embedded gecko if you look closely enough. The brightly-colored lawn chairs are just part of the personality of this home. This is where homeowners Dewey and Suzanne Cantrell sit and relax during most of Iowa’s moody seasons.

The front yard boasts other old, rickety chairs Suzanne has picked up from farmers’ markets and antique malls. It’s the perfect place for the grandkids to have a rest.

The backyard privacy fence is just as unique as the front yard. Spaced at about every 10 feet of the fence are antique doors that have been securely placed. On a few of the doors hang decorative hearts and “welcome” signs. This is a private backyard that notions “Come on in.”

The Cantrells have  lived here since 1995. Suzanne speaks of how she likes the comfort of their home.

“It really does have our character,” says Dewey.

The front living room displays numerous types of house plants — dieffenbachia, schefflera, a fig tree and a large rubber tree in the corner.

“Some of these plants are not just plants,” says Suzanne. “They are memories from family who have already passed.”

008Within the green plants you’ll see a decorative antique screen door, hanging white lights and a beautiful painting of a beach front property. The couch has an ornate pineapple carved in the wooden frame.

“When we’re tired of Iowa winters, we like to sit in here and pretend we are somewhere far, far away from the cold,” says Suzanne.

The spring landscaping projects coming up are plentiful. Suzanne and the grandkids buy ground cover flowers, there is a small vegetable garden on the side of the house that needs tending and the hostas, perennials and annuals will all make their entrance into the season soon.

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