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Soda’s bottle caps

Posted January 23, 2013 in Community Featured, Waukee
A variety of beer bottle caps are used in this tabletop project by Lizz Soda and Jordyn Thompson.

A variety of beer bottle caps are used in this tabletop project by Lizz Soda and Jordyn Thompson.

To anyone who thinks it’s possible to drink 872 bottled beers in one summer, it’s apparently not, according to Lizz Soda and Jordyn Thompson of Waukee.

“We thought it was going to be a really easy, beer-drinking summer,” says Soda. “If you think you can drink that much in one summer, you can’t,”

The reason for drinking that much beer wasn’t just for the alcohol, but to acquire the large haul of beer bottle tops that comes with it. The fun idea began on Pinterest, a website dedicated to do-it-yourself projects and crafts using pictures that are usually worth just about 1,000 words. The inspiration they found showed a coffee table with the top covered in beer bottle tops, which turned into being quite the project, requiring just fewer than 300 caps. The table, which Soda refers to as “giant,” was handpicked by Thompson from a neighbor’s garage sale. It still lies incomplete in Soda’s parents’ garage.

Beginning last summer, Soda and Thompson realized quickly that it was going to take a lot more people than just them to complete the project. After taking leftover caps from various parties and recruiting neighborly help, the pair still came up short. They decided to go big and enlisted the help from some of the most recognized names on the Des Moines beer scene — High Life Lounge and Hessen Haus.

“High Life was our biggest donator by far,” Soda commented. “But all of their bottle caps were obviously High Life beer. We got the coolest and most unique caps from Hessen Haus. It definitely brought a lot of color and diversity to the table.

“It’s about 75 percent glued down and the rest is ‘cat-destroyed’, ” says Soda. “Before everything was glued, my sister’s cat jumped up and knocked half of them off.”

Even with that small setback, Soda and Thompson plan to have the table completed by the beginning of this summer.

“My dad wants it out of his garage, and I want it in my apartment,” Soda explains. “It’s definitely taken a lot longer than we would’ve ever thought, but I’m excited to be finished with it. We’re waiting for the warmer weather to finally complete it.”

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