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Tasty Variety

Posted December 12, 2012 in Community Featured, Greene County

Lasagna and garlic bread made a tasty lunch at Excuses Pizza Pasta Burgers.

Don’t let your eyes stop at the word “Pizza” when you glance at the Excuses sign at the Jefferson restaurant. The entire sign reads “Excuses Pizza Pasta Burgers,” and the restaurant has it all and then some.

I opted for a pasta dish even though Excuses offers daily burger and pizza specials. My mind was made up after I found out the lasagna is made from scratch. Two pieces of garlic bread and one trip to the salad bar come with the meal. I don’t usually eat that much for lunch, but it just sounded really good on a cold day.

The lasagna comes in two sizes, regular and a larger version. I’m not sure how much larger the “large” version is, but the regular version I ordered was more than I could eat. For a person who wants leftovers, one regular order could leave plenty for a take-home meal. I’m guessing a large order could provide several meals.

The regular-sized lasagna meal, plus a soda came to $8.32, which seemed like a fair price considering the serving size. I put a lettuce salad together from the salad bar and ate the salad before the lasagna arrived. The salad bar has a decent selection in addition to the lettuce, including cottage cheese, potato salad, pasta salad and more.

I had just enough time to finish my salad when the lasagna arrived bubbling hot. Even though I didn’t eat the entire lasagna dish, I did keep eating after I was full because it was so tasty. The sauce was sweet, the pasta done just right.

While the pasta hit the spot for me, there is something for nearly every appetite, on the menu from a straight salad bar visit to a number of salad bar combinations, burger meals, thin or thick-crust pizza, broasted chicken and broasted chicken wings, a variety of sub sandwiches, chicken dishes, hot dogs, appetizers and kids meals.

Any group of old friends or new would feel comfortable at this establishment, which has a room with larger tables and more seating for big groups.

Excuses Pizza Pasta Burgers
300 N. Elm St., Jefferson
10 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily

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