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Dear Santa…

Posted December 05, 2012 in Urbandale

Front row: Siya Shukla, Jackson Weber, Perry Steeve, Matthew Hammerand, Haris Saric, Sawyer Weese and Hailey Schwienebart. Back row: Ashley Mobley, Anne Roesler, Avery McKinney, Jaidan Abel, Austin Kalny, Samuel Pattison, Nikolas Hudak, Sadmir Jusic and Taylor Beron. Not pictured: Gabriel Carver, Alison Blaess, Christopher Booth and Bradley Moritz.

The magic of the holidays as seen through the eyes of a child is sometimes lost on adults who become caught up in the hustle and bustle of checking lists and checking them twice. With that in mind, Urbandale Living magazine decided to let some of the children of Urbandale tell this year’s cover story about the holidays by sharing with us some of their wishes for Christmas.

With a helping hand from Ashley Mobley, who teaches first graders at Valerius Elementary School in Urbandale, we asked each one of her students to write down on a piece of paper what they wanted for Christmas. A few were selected at random to draw their wishes, too.

“They were excited to be in the magazine and to be thinking and working on a project about the holidays,” says Mobley. “It was interesting hearing them talk about what they wanted. One that really stood out was a little girl who wants her two front teeth.”

Jaidan Abel

Electronic games and devices were at the top of the list for many children, including high-tech items such as iPads and iPods.

“I was impressed by that,” Mobley says, with a smile.

This marks Mobley’s sixth year of teaching at Valerius, and she says the students, staff and parents at Valerius never cease to amaze her.

“I love teaching here, we have such wonderful support and such great kids and families. Everyone here is like a big family,” she says.

With that said, read further (with help from a few grammar edits) to see what some of the youngest members of the extended family at Valerius are wishing for this holiday season.

Sadmir Jusic

“My Christmas wish is a dirt bike, so I can ride it, so I can jump over animals, so I can jump over big buildings.”

Perry Steeve

“My Christmas wish is a remote control airplane and a remote control Velociraptor because it will be awesome and a T-Rex, too.”

Anne Roesler

Anne Roesler

“My Christmas wish is a American Girl because my sister has one. Her name is Rebecca. If I got another one they could both have a pet.”

Nikolas Hudak

“My Christmas wish is a mechanical airplane with a person in the airplane, with a rocket ship with a person with a door. I love Santa.”

Matthew Hammond

“My Christmas wish is a monkey. I love monkeys! I think monkeys are cool. I want my monkey to be orange. I am gonna name it Orangey.”

Bradley Moritz

“My Christmas wish is a dirt bike because it is awesome! And I will ride it in my backyard!”

Matthew Hammond

Christopher Booth

“My Christmas wish is a Kindle Fire. I hope I get it really soon. I hope I get more than a Kindle Fire. I hope my sister gets presents too. I hope my brother gets presents too. I hope my mom gets presents, too.”

Alison Blaess

“My Christmas wish is my two front teeth. And a iPod and a iPad. I got nothing for the teeth.”

Gabe Carver

“My Christmas wish is a remote control plane. They are cool because they can shoot discs. It is cool. They can even land on a platform. It is cool.”

Siya Shukla

“My Christmas wish is I want to have a real pony to ride on. I really want it. It is going to be fun. I can ride on it all day long. I can feed her. She will have a water slide. She is going to have friends.”

Siya Shukla

Samuel Pattison

“My Christmas wish is a autograph from Aaron Rodgers because I like the Packers. He’s my Q.B.”

Jackson Weber

“My Christmas wish is a big playground. I want one because my friend has one. My other Christmas wish is a big bucket full of Legos!”

Hailey Schwienebart

“My Christmas wish is a pony. I will feed her and give her water. I will give her a name and it will be Sheila.”

Nikolas Hudak

Jaidan Abel

“My Christmas wish is a new baby sister. Because my mom is going to have a baby sister in December.”

Taylor Beron

“My Christmas wish is a iPod 3 because it will have lots of games. I will have a great time playing games.”

Haris Saric

“My Christmas wish is a car. I want a blue car. My car will have golden wheels. It will have blue wheels on the back.”

Taylor Beron

Austin Kalny

“My Christmas wish is a LeapPad 2 and paperclips. I make things.”

Sawyer Weese

“My Christmas wish is a real Ferrari and a Camaro convertible because they look cool.”

Avery McKinney

“My Christmas wish is a iPad because I can play games on it.”

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