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Posted November 27, 2012 in Community Blogs, Greene County

The Jefferson-Scranton Schools Board of Education held there regular monthly meeting on Monday, November 19th.  At the meeting, the Board approved a Technology Pilot Project at the high school which will include purchasing two mobile wireless carts and 75 Google Chromebook computers.  The two carts and the Chromebooks will be shared between the Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science departments.  The purpose of the pilot project is to look at how we can change teaching and learning.  The use of the Google Chromebook (or any device capable of accessing the internet) has the potential to impact teaching/learning in the following ways:

–                Differentiated Learning

–                Individualized Learning

–                Collaboration (student to student, student to teacher, etc.)

–                Continuous Learning

–                Faster Feedback

–                Creativity

The Google Chromebook is a small laptop computer with a Chrome operating system.  The productivity suite (document processing, spreadsheets, etc.) used by the Chromebook is Google Docs.  All documents produced are stored in the “cloud” and accessible from anywhere at anytime.  Various applications are also available through Google Apps.

This is an exciting opportunity for the high school to look at teaching/learning in a totally different manner.  We hope to have the pilot up and running shortly after the winter break.

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