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Let’s Go a Little More Green in Beaverdale

Posted November 21, 2012 in Advice Column, Beaverdale

So, this is a little controversial time, as life is now and again when we choose to make it as such.

The election is over. (Many of you share this enthusiasm that political commercials are finished.) Business is just fine at my office; furthermore, I see lots of people spending their hard-earned dollars right here in the Beav. We have to love it; sustainability is a word that can be used synonymously with green most of the time. People spending money in our neighborhood is the true definition of a sustainable hood. It also doesn’t hurt to have residential values grow by showing our pride of community by walking and talking around the Beaverdale streetscape. This activity is attractive, contagious and overall healthy. Putting out this good energy into people driving by or talking about what they see here in Beaverdale is very positive and will result in positive benefits to our community.

If you like talking to your neighbors, if you like walking to the dentist or school or all of the many options here in Beaverdale, let’s increase this activity. The Shop Hop is a great opportunity, the HT Bazaar, Small Business Saturday, and obviously all great past events locally to get some fresh air. We are Iowans; we know how to dress warm and look good doing it.

The new businesses could use your support around the block here as I try to ask you to consider their options first to fulfill your Christmas list before you head to the mall. Although, how about the Merle Hay corridor lately, big thumbs up. Coming from Franklin or Urbandale Avenue heading north on Merle Hay at night really shines as the neighborhood is open for business. If you continue down parallel to Beaverdale to the north it stays well lit with businesses, not to mention more welcomed redevelopment coming soon. Don’t let West Des Moines hear me now, because I love them, too. Although let’s really think twice before putting too many miles on our cars when most quality things that we want are within a bike ride or short car ride.

Keeping it local is a very sustainable practice; all of Des Moines is great in small doses. Obviously there are many benefits to the city and urban living. It’s nice to have so many options close by. Therefore we need to keep pressing on to make Beaver Avenue pop. If we want to remain the good hood of Des Moines, we need to adapt to our communities’ desires of walkability creating value all along the way. To do nothing is to do wrong, as I’ve mentioned in a previous article; change really is life’s only constant. God bless the Beav. Spring will be here before we know it. What a great fall we have had. Bring on the pretty snowfall for the beautiful Beaverdale landscape.

Information provided by Matt Connolly, Generation Green Builders, 3521 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, 515-453-6196

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