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Dealing With Used Tires

Posted November 21, 2012 in Advice Column, Boone

Did you know that approximately three million waste tires are discarded annually in Iowa? Fortunately, when tires are worn out they can be recycled into a number of different products.

In Boone County, we have companies that rely on the rubber reclaimed from used tires to make new products they sell in many different states. Elsewhere in Iowa, tires provide an alternative fuel for cement kilns. Tires can also be recycled into a number of different items including new rubber products such as playground surfacing, speed bumps, parking stops, marine dock decking and even  tire-derived-fuel for power plants. It is truly amazing the variety of things the materials from reclaimed tires can recycled into.

However, there are some strategies that we can use to get the most out of a set of tires.Maintain proper inflation, keep wheels balanced, keep wheels aligned, rotate tires regularly, avoid sudden stops, avoid excessive speed, do not squeal tires, purchase the correct tires and watch out for potholes. Replace tires with less than 1/16” tread. Ninety percent of all tire troubles occur within the last 10 percent of tread wear. Many tires have “wear bars” that indicate when the tires should be replaced. The distance between the top edge of a penny and the top of Lincoln’s head is about 1/16”.

When the time comes to get rid of old tires, convenient tire recycling opportunities exist to help you properly dispose of your used tires including:

• Tire dealers. When you purchase new tires, have your dealer dispose of your old tires. In most cases they will charge you a fee equal to or less than what you will be charged at the Boone County Landfill and you will not have to hassle with the old tires. Used tires, when not properly disposed of, raise concerns such as becoming mosquito breeding grounds and fire safety.

• Boone County Landfill. During normal operating hours throughout the year, the landfill accepts used tires at a designated storage area on the landfill property. Car and truck tires are charged a per-tire fee based on the size of the tire and whether or not it is still mounted on a rim. Tractor tires are charged a fee based on weight due to their wide variety of sizes. Tires are only accepted from residents within the landfill’s primary service area.

For more information on what to do with garbage, recyclables, yard waste and household hazardous waste, please contact the Boone County Landfill at 515-433-0591, via email at; or go to our website at

Information provided by Lois A. Powers and Scott Smith, Boone County Landfill.

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