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Your Chamber and You

Posted November 14, 2012 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

Maybe you own a business and wonder why the Chamber is important to you. Or perhaps you are a resident and wonder how your local Chamber provides value to your community.

Well, the Chamber’s mission is simply to support and promote local businesses, members and their organizations through advocacy, publicity and education. We do this by promoting the growth of our members’ businesses and the general economic quality of life in Windsor Heights.

The Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce was formally launched in 2004, although there had been a business organization preceding that time. In the past 25 years, long-time residents have seen the many significant changes and improvements in local business development. Do you know the answer to any of the following changes?

Sam’s and Walmart opened in Windsor Heights about 1990. What was in that space before that?
• A fenceless dog run
• A lake
• A field

Grocery store options in Windsor Heights were limited prior to Walmart and Hy-Vee’s arrival. What small grocery store was located on University Avenue before the development of the shopping center housing Great Clips, Grounds for Celebration and the many other shops located there now?
• Barney’s Grocery
• Mom and Pop’s Grocery
• Haase’s Grocery

What unique structure was located on the north side of University east of 73rd, before the commercial development that was built around 2000?
• An old church
• A gas station
• A Quonset building

Whether you’ve lived here many years and remember the changes or moved here recently, we all recognize and enjoy the improvements within the borders of our great community. You don’t have to walk or drive far to pick up your groceries or shop for your clothes. You can stroll to the beautiful Colby Park and enjoy activities hosted by local organizations such as the annual Oktoberfest. Amenities matter. They encourage people to move and live here, increase home values, drive municipal revenues and invite our residents to stay.

If you’re wondering how your local Chamber benefits you — even if you don’t own a business — remember that your Windsor Heights Chamber works in tandem with other organizations to encourage and grow commerce, positively impacting you directly allowing you the convenience of local shopping right here. The more merchants and varied business there are operating in Windsor Heights, the more all of us in our community will benefit.

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