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We are Thankful

Posted November 14, 2012 in Windsor Heights

The Kendig family, from left: Jerilyn, Aubrey and Trace.

This time of year, it is commonplace to reflect upon the things for which we are thankful, especially with Thanksgiving Day just around the corner. So before you carve the turkey, dig into the trimmings and plop yourself down on the couch to nap, or to talk to loved ones, or to watch a football game on Nov. 22, take stock in the good things in your life and reach out to those for whom you are grateful. Better yet, make it a year-round practice. Why wait for the holidays?

To get an idea of what your neighbors are thankful for this holiday season, Windsor Heights Living magazine recently polled several local residents. As expected, their answers varied, but almost everyone that we talked to responded that they were thankful for their family and good health. No doubt, they are probably at the top of your list, too.

The Kendig Family of Windsor Heights, who appears on the cover of this month’s magazine, offered to share a few things that they are thankful for this year. Trace Kendig, a lieutenant with the Windsor Heights Police Department, says, “I am thankful for having a beautiful family. We’ve had a lot of health scares over the years, and everybody is healthy and happy. I’m also thankful for my job and the support of the department, city and police chief.”

Kendig’s wife, Jerilyn, says she is thankful for several things. “I’m most thankful for Jesus Christ and my salvation, and my husband and our children. I am thankful that they are healthy. I’m also thankful that we are financially stable and that I’m able to stay at home with the kids,” she says.

Their young daughter, Aubri, adds that she is thankful for “Mommy and Daddy, Ellie, Emmy and Jesus and my home.”

So without further ado, take a few minutes to read this month’s cover story. Then take a few minutes more to count your blessings. You will be happy that you did.

Mayor Jerry Sullivan

Mayor Jerry Sullivan
“From a personal perspective, we just received word that our son, Tim, and his wife are expecting a child. That will be our fifth grandchild. We’re especially thankful when it comes to spending time with family during the holidays. We are thankful for them.

“As for the city, I am thankful for the community that we have and the wonderful things that we have accomplished with past and present city councils. We are looking forward to developing the Hickman corridor next year. I am also thankful for the wonderful residents of this community and the city staff, as well as the fire and police chiefs. It’s a real treat working with such quality people.”

Sandy O’Brien
“I’m thankful for my family. I have a wonderful husband and two very nice sons and daughters-in-law and six grandchildren in the area. They are active and contributing human beings who are doing good work. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to help mentor 45 girls through the T.T.T. Chapter D organization and providing girls from fourth grade through high school fun opportunities and learning experiences. They are wonderful to work with.”

Flo Hunter

Flo Hunter
“I’m thankful for my health, my family and all of my friends. I’m thankful that I can still teach school and go in when I want to now that I’m retired and that I live in Windsor Heights because it’s such a good place to live and safe. I’m also thankful that my granddaughter lived through Hurricane Sandy in Boston. I’m glad she is safe and sound.”

George Hanusa

George Hanusa

“We’re thankful for our neighbors on Reite and Sunset Terrace, as well as for

the good work of Rob Shepherd with the Windsor Heights Neighborhood Watch and the Windsor Heights Foundation Board of Directors. I’m also thankful for our family here and in Chicago.”

Bart Warford
“Family’s got to be No. 1 and health. When you see what’s been happening on the East Coast with Hurricane Sandy, you realize how thankful you are for shelter and transportation. My family is also thankful for living in this city for the last 23 years. The city, fire and police do a great job of keeping us safe.”

Stephanie VandeBerg

Stephanie VandeBerg
“I’m thankful for my husband and children. They are healthy and happy, and they like to make sure I am healthy and happy, too. My husband and I have been married for 14 years, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. My children, Andrew (11) and Norah (7), are growing up to be caring, kind and so smart. I’m thankful that they teach me so much every day. I’m grateful that I have a wonderful best friend, Jaime, who is always there for me. I am thankful that I have a job that I love. I get to work my job schedule around my ‘mom’ schedule, which ensures that I can volunteer at the kids’ school. Volunteering is important to our family. In that vein, I’m happy that the school is so welcoming and allows parents to help in a variety of ways. I am grateful that our family has enough food to eat, a roof over our heads and reliable transportation.

“I am also thankful for all of the support that friends and family have given me over the last six months. My dad passed away from lung cancer on April 22, and I was overwhelmed by how many people came forward to help our family. My mom lives in Minnesota, and we were worried about her being so far away after dad died. However, several of their friends stepped forward to help out. I am very excited that she is staying with our family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.”

Anders Olson, Jim Caligiuri and Robert Cortum

Anders Olson
“I’m thankful for the support the community has given the shop over the last seven years and how it has grown year after year. I’m also thankful for my wife and our three boys, and I’m thankful for my staff.”

Jim Caligiuri
“I’m thankful for the kids and that they have a great holiday.”

Robert Cortum
“My wife and five kids and the opportunity to work for a local business that cares about giving back to the community. To me, that’s huge.”

David Sharkey

David Sharkey
“I am thankful for my family and having a great job teaching students at Windsor Elementary School.”

Heather Soener
“I’m thankful for the opportunity and resources to give to others and to help improve lives. I’m also thankful for onion rings and Heath bars.”

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