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Shop at Home this Holiday Season

Posted November 14, 2012 in Community Featured, Winterset

Soon it will be time to shop for the holidays. Many make the Christmas shopping trip quite an event, involving travel, tradition or a crazy quest to conquer Black Friday.

We love our town, and this is a good time to be reminded of the power we have to preserve our prosperous and wonderful community by patronizing local businesses.

As gift shopping this time of year is when the bulk of that kind of spending can take place, this essay, published anonymously in the Chamber newsletter in 2004, is a good reminder of the bounty we have right here in town…

I love Christmas shopping, and giving gifts; I also love this town, and last year I thought that maybe one thing I could do to show that love was do every single bit of Christmas shopping in Winterset.

In the past, I have enjoyed the process of going to larger markets, malls and other towns to shop.  Sometimes I’ve appreciated the convenience of online shopping.  But this past year I made it a quest to see if I could get anything I wanted right here. This quest was more than successful; it was fun and economical as well.

Here is a breakdown of the places I spent money, with examples (not complete lists) of what I purchased there:
•    Middle River Store — $7 (novelty candle for my sister).
•    Courtyard Store — $11 (knick-knack for my grandma).
•    Madison County Mercantile — $12 (more candles – for my aunt).
•    Picket Fence — $19.
•    Family Center — $17 (shirt for my sister’s boyfriend).
•    Fareway — $20 (waffle mixes, genuine maple syrup and preserves for my mom’s new waffle-making hobby).
•    Busenbarrick Jewelry — $32 (jewelry for my wife).
•    Ben Franklin — $54 (dishes for my sister, toys for my daughter).
•    Village Bootery — $55 (shoes for my wife).
•    Pamida — $66 (convenience foods for my grandma, DVD for a friend).
•    Breeding’s True Value — $84 (waffle-maker for my mom, fireproof safe for my father).

There was nothing I was looking for that I could not find. I was concerned about finding a waffle-maker in town, as well as real maple syrup, but they were here.

It was nice to avoid any drives, shipping charges or long lines. It was nice to shop with people I know. And it was nice to know that my $375 would be recycled within the community. What if everyone did all of his or her holiday shopping in Winterset this year?

This is as true in 2012 as it was in 2004. Please shop locally.

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