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Family Ranch

Posted November 14, 2012 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

Jan and Mike Papian’s home on Colby Avenue used to belong to Mike’s parents.

It was an easy decision back in 1975 for Mike and Jan Papian to buy this Colby ranch home, for numerous practical and functional reasons. On a more personal level, the home used to be owned by Mike’s parents.

The Papians are originally from Iowa. As a young couple, they traveled when Mike was in the service. When the time came to buy a home, they couldn’t pass up the perfect opportunity to move back to Iowa and keep this brown brick beauty in the family.

Aside from location as one of their best reasons they like this house, they also like that it’s brick. The mustard yellow door blends in perfectly with nature’s fall colors and their chosen spring flowers.

“For us this house is great,” says Jan. “We’ve looked at downsizing and moving west of here… but why? We have everything we need right here in cozy Windsor Heights.”

Since they’ve been here, they have remodeled the kitchen to an updated stainless steel and granite countertop look. Two of the four bedrooms give them plenty of extra space for a TV room and a computer room.

Of all the landscaping done in the early 1950s when his parents bought the house, one last lilac bush of his mother’s remains. All the other landscaping has either died or been professionally redone.

Mike’s father was a contractor. Back in the 1950s, as Windsor Heights was first getting paved streets, Mike’s father was one of the contractors on the project. Now that’s a concrete memory to have in the family.

To make way for the future, Jan enjoys spending time with their many great-great-nieces and nephews. Their main living room is nicely planned out with formal seating. It’s the accessories that make the room — talking stuffed animals, colorful books, balls, puzzles and very few items that could break.

“Our great- and great-great-nieces and nephews are what keep us young,” says Jan. “It was OK for me to pack up my breakables to spend time with the kids. They are just so fun.”

As they prize the reminiscent past and enjoy the energetic future, Mike and Jan love their family ranch and are here for the duration.

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