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Social Media is Not Just for the Young

Posted November 07, 2012 in Advice Column, West Des Moines

We all know that seniors are a growing demographic, but did you know that more than half of U.S. adults 65 and older are online? For many seniors, especially those who live alone or far away from their families, social networking sites offer new opportunities to stay in touch, share photos, make new friends or reconnect with old ones. It’s also a way for grandparents to see their grandchildren any time they want.

Even though more seniors are using social media, there are still many who aren’t and who could definitely benefit from it. Why are some seniors reluctant to join the social media craze? There are a few answers to this.

Today’s technology can be cumbersome and overwhelming. Setting up an online account for email, Facebook or Skype may require some assistance. Another reason may be that as more seniors go online, the treat of tech-savvy scam artist’s increase. Education about these threats is important.

As families are so busy these days, they may not always have the time (or the patience) it takes to educate their loved one on the different forms of social media. You may just need someone you can trust to come to your (loved one’s) home to spend that needed time one-on-one to teach the ins and outs of social media. The end result is worth it — more opportunities to stay in touch with family and friends. That is priceless.

Information provided by Dawn Statton, Program Director of Home Remedies,, 515-243-7810.

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