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Passion for Bikes

Posted November 07, 2012 in Community Featured, Des Moines West

Ed Truslow has a passion for motorcycles, specifically his 1976 Triumph 750cc.

Ed Truslow has a passion for motorcycles. Anyone who asks him about his 1976 Triumph 750cc will see that passion come to life.

“It’s a classic British motorcycle,” he says.

His favorite part of the bike, if he had to name one, would be the gas tank. He says what appeals to him most is the way the tank is “classically sculpted.” But then he also loves the two-tone maroon and white paint, as well as the hand striping.

He also loves the symmetry of the bike and the balance of the design.

He loves the V-shaped motor, the way it is almost “see through” in the way it is aligned.

And he admires the bike for its history. He says the Triumph was the last hurrah for the British motorcycles before the Japanese took over the market. As a matter of fact, there isn’t anything about the bike that doesn’t seem to be a favorite for Truslow.

He has had the bike for about 10 years and has decided to leave it un-restored. The Triumph logo has worn off the back of the seat, but other than that, the bike is in amazing condition for its 67,000 miles.

Prior to being a mode of transportation for Truslow, he says the bike was a decoration piece for a gentleman and sat in his living room for 20 years. The story goes that the man fell in love with a woman from China and sold all he had to move to her homeland to be with her.

“Apparently, (she) was prettier than the motorcycle,” he laughs.

Truslow didn’t get the bike from this man; he bought it through a motorcycle shop, Baxter Cycle, in western Iowa. He says he has two rules when he goes to this shop: rule No. 1 is not to take truck, rule No. 2 is not to take a checkbook.

“I only violated one rule,” he laughs. “I don’t have a pickup truck, so I rode it home.”

Starting it isn’t always easy. Sometimes Truslow has to “tickle the carburetor” before it kicks in and roars to life.  But riding it, he says, is like “riding an elephant; it’s a real attention getter.”

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