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A Box of Memories

Posted November 07, 2012 in Community Featured, Clive

Kelly Reeve is putting the box of memories away until synchronized swim season.

Sitting near the steps into the house at the Clive home of Patty and Ted Reeve is a box of candy wrappers, plastic lilies, some hand-written signs and a swim cap or two.

Left over from the Valley Tiger Lillies synchronized swim team homecoming float, which was the decorated truck of Ted Reeve, this box represents a great deal of the lives of their children, Kelly and Scott.

Kelly Reeve, a senior swimmer at Valley High School, has been a member of the Tiger Lilly Synchronized Swim Team since her sophomore year.

“It was the perfect extension of her swim season,” says Patty Reeve. “She enjoys the camaraderie, coming up with and doing the routines and the coach, Susan Vandeventer.”

Kelly, co-captain of the 2013 Tiger Lilly team, helped organize the float for the parade. Team members passed out T-shirts and candy while riding in the back of her father’s pickup truck, which was decorated with the handmade signs and plastic flowers.

In addition to being on the synchronized swim team, Kelly is also a talented competitive swimmer, having made the Valley varsity squad for three of her four years in high school.

“Kelly loves the (butter)fly,” says Reeve. “She was good in the sprints, the 50- and 100-yard free, but her love was the ‘fly.’ ”

More than Kelly’s swimming, the box of parade gear also conjures up memories of Scott Reeve, who is now a sophomore at Drake University. Scott was also a varsity swimmer at Valley High School, specializing in the distance events.

“While Kelly likes the short races, Scott swam distance,” says Reeve. “He swam the 200-yard freestyle at the district swim meet his senior year.”

Upon graduation from Valley, Scott spent a season coaching the junior varsity team for his alma mater in 2011-2012.

“Scott really enjoys coaching,” says Reeve. “Now he’s coaching year-round at Des Moines Swim Federation, and he is really having fun.”

This box has been sitting in the garage for more than a month, and Reeve is ready for it to be moved.

“When are you moving that box of junk?” asked Reeve of her daughter recently.

“Soon, Mom,” was the reply.

Though the box of odds and ends from the parade is not a permanent fixture in the garage, the memories it conjures up for Patty and Ted Reeve will stay with them for a lifetime.

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