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Bully Prevention Month

Posted November 05, 2012 in Community Web Exclusives, Greene County

The Greene County High School participated in National Bullying Prevention Month during October. On Monday, October 1st, the school kicked off the month with “Stomp out Bullying Day.” Students and Staff were encouraged to wear blue in support of the cause. Staff members who wore blue could receive free ice cream and students could sign up for a drawing in the library. Many prizes were given to students throughout the day for participating in anti-bullying activities. The prizes began first thing in the morning with a text message activity. Students were given questions and codes to text message an answer to a question. Students received either the question, “What can the school do to prevent bullying,” or “What is more of an issue cyber bullying or bullying at school; why?” During each lunch shift, two more questions were posted for students to answer via text message to be entered for a prize. The snack shack also colored the ice cream blue in support of bullying prevention. Foot steps with written examples of bullying were placed throughout the school. Students walked on them all day to represent “Stomp out Bullying.”

Wednesday, October 10, Greene County High School continued supporting bullying prevention month by participating in Unite against Bullying Day. Students and staff were encouraged to wear orange, the unity day color. Those who did could enter into a drawing for a prize at the end of the day. Students’ photographs were taken in groups at lunch the day before. Emily compiled all the pictures into a collage with the heading, “The end of Bullying Begins with me!” Students were given the opportunity at lunch to find their picture and autograph it in order to sign the petition against bullying. At lunch there was another chance to win prizes by texting an answer to “What does, ‘The end of bullying begins with me,’ mean.” Many great responses were received. Answers included, “You can be the start of something new by stepping up to kids who bully people and making kids realize how they’re hurting others by their actions,” and “Bystanders are the key to stop bullying. If you see something anywhere you should get the victim out of the situation safely and go get help.” Nearly 60 responses were received. Some of the answers were shared with other students on announcements the following day.

Friday, October 26th, Greene County High school continued to raise awareness about bullying by another school-wide activity. Students were given the opportunity to complete a Cryptogram puzzle. These puzzles had a code to solve; each letter of the alphabet had a number to represent it. Students had to find and read suicide facts and coping tips hung on yellow paper around the building in order to decipher the code and solve the puzzle. Once solved the puzzle read, “Suicide isn’t cowardly. I’ll tell you what is cowardly; treating people so badly that they want to end their lives.” – Ashley Purdy. Students raced around the building to decode the puzzle, as the first boy and first girl to complete the puzzle won a first place prize. Other students who finished the puzzle before the end of the day were entered into a drawing to also win a prize.

Greene County High School will continue to raise awareness and work to eliminate bullying throughout the school year.

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