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Brenlou’s Bluegrass Road

Posted November 01, 2012 in Community Blogs, Johnston

“I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.”  Well, I didn’t have to teach anyone to sing this past weekend at the Honey Creek Festival at Lake Rathbun!  This turned out to be the biggest and best music festival we’ve promoted yet.  The greatest thing about these festivals is that you are just one big happy family, Bluegrass family that is! People are warm and friendly and you always recognize someone you’ve seen at another festival or two.  People greet you with these big old smiles, so you know they are just as happy as you are to be there.  And kids?  Oh yes, lots of kids watching the show as well as swimming in the water park at the hotel.  We enjoy the last weekend in October for this festival since it’s the fall harvest and the Hotel has Halloween activities for the kids.  Hayrack rides, pumpkin carving contest and they also parade around the hotel in their costumes.  So, it’s a win, win situation!

You can also enjoy the crisp fall weather and get out of the hotel and walk along the lake.  Or bring your fishin pole and try to catch a big one!

If you’ve never attended one of these festivals you don’t know what you’re missing and you’re in for a rare treat!  Every group we hire is so diverse and have their own style of Bluegrass music they play.   We have everything from traditional to all gospel groups join us.   And you never know who may show up and surprise us.  Rhonda Vincent, Queen of Bluegrass, stopped by the festival with her Mom, Carolyn Vincent.   She got up on stage and sang a tune with The Chapman’s.  The crowd loved it!!

For me, I love to meet and greet people.  And I also love to sing, so the late night jamming is just the ticket in my book!  I was up until at least 2:00am each morning.  The coolest thing is that the musicians respect the entertainment on stage and wait to jam until after the last show has finished on stage! There are groups of people gathered in all the out of the way places, corners, rooms, any space they can find to pick with each other.  And if you want to try another group, you just pack up your instrument and walk over to find another!  Most of the groups that have been booked to perform for the festival also love this late night jamming and join in the musical fun.

 Just think we also have our first indoor festival in Des Moines, IA. coming up February 22nd & 23rd, 2013 at the Ramada Tropics.  We offer a special bluegrass rate for the rooms and they book fast…hint, hint!!

The Association also hosts an indoor music show at the Iowa Theater in Bloomfield, IA. on March 23rd, 2013.

I’m also hosting my first acoustic jam at the Simpson Barn in Johnston, IA. on Sunday, November 18th from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Good times, good friends, good tunes.

 I’ll end this with a little something I wrote after last year’s festival at Honey Creek.

Guitar is packed, I’m ready to go
So hurry up now, don’t be slow.
Been thinkin bout it day and night
Just nothing else can make it right.
The lake is there with fish abound
And folks just love to sit around.
A little fishin, though, won’t do
But a fiddle tune will get me through.
Bluegrass musicans will meet me there
Standin and pickin or sittin in a chair.
The mood is light and gay of heart
And all is there to do their part.
A fiddle plays a lonely, wailing song
A mandolin sings, high, fast and strong.
The banjo rings it proud and true
The big ole bass, thumps it through and through.
People come from miles around
To hear this sweet ole Bluegrass sound.
They sing and dance and tap their feet
To the Bluegrass sounds at Honey Creek.
And in the dark & starry night
The music lifts me to new heights.
I hear sweet music in my sleep
And never have I slept so deep.
To Honey Creek I love the dear
And sleep me not, till this time next year!

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