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Working at Home

Posted October 31, 2012 in Community Featured, Perry

Kyle Baxter built his and Mindy’s home inside of his business.

Kyle and Mindy Baxter are all about mixing work and home-life — all the way down to building a house inside the shop that houses their business at the north edge of Perry.

“I always wanted to build a new shop,” Kyle says about the business he started called Accu-Jet, a sewer cleaning and scoping service for both private homes and municipalities.

“The only way she was going to get a new house was if it was combined with the building for the shop,” he says.

Mindy says she had reservations at first, but once Kyle drew up the floor plans, she was on board. Before they built the shop/house, they, along with their 5-year-old daughter, lived in a small house on the same property. Framing for the new building had been constructed  when on June 26 a tornado moved through the area, twisting the building’s frame. That set the project back.

Mindy, pregnant with twins, had hoped they would be moved into the house in September, before Charlie and Cash were born. Then the twins came a month early, creating a very crowded situation in their tiny house.

They finally moved into the new shop/house, and they haven’t looked back.

“When we lived up there,” she says motioning to the tiny house, “he was gone all the time working, especially in the evenings. Now, when our daughter, Reese, misses her dad, she just has to go out to the shop.”

Kyle smiled and joked about the 5-year-old, “She’s the boss of the shop.”

While the building houses both the shop and the house, the house is separated by walls and doors. The office, where Mindy does the bookwork, can be accessed from the shop or the house.

Mindy noted that the shop is larger than the house — 8,000 square feet, compared to 2,300 square feet for the house — but there is room to add on.

“At first Kyle had done the plans for a three-bedroom house, but then we found out we were having twins, and he had to redraw it for four bedrooms.”

They used an open floor plan for the ground-level, with the large kitchen separated from the living room by an L-shaped island. Bedrooms are upstairs.

Mindy particularly likes the arrangement.

“If you have a husband who works a lot, this is a good option because you get to see him in the comfort of your own home.”

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