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Wish Upon a Star

Posted October 31, 2012 in Adel, Community Featured

It seems like we just had a 90 degree day a few days ago, so how can we be getting ready for Holiday Open House already? However, I guess it is that time.

This year’s Holiday Open House will be Dec. 7 from 5 – 7 p.m., and our theme will be “Wish Upon a Star.” For those of you who have never been a part of this festival, we invite you to put this day on your calendar and spend the evening in Adel. You will be treated to holiday music by strolling carolers as you travel from business to businesses to shop, enjoy their special treats and collect their printed recipe cards. The children will also have special attractions at the Adel library where they will find not only Santa, but Mrs. Santa and an elf.

If you are a storefront business, it is a great time to decorate and showcase your business. Consider entering a recipe into the holiday collection, prepare samples and serve your patrons as they visit your business. However, if you are a home-based business, church, service or hospitality group and wish to take part in having a collective recipe and serving samples, we will have places where you can set up your table and display.  Any business or group that wants to take part in the open house and recipe collection, please send a copy of the recipe to Adel Partners — no later than Nov. 9. We will print your recipe on souvenir cards and return a supply to you to distribute during the open house.

A map will be printed showing the businesses that are taking part and the locations of the home-based businesses, as well as the name of the recipe. We will be trying to encourage our patrons to visit all of our businesses, so pick up your recipe collection envelope at the businesses on the east side of town. Last year we started on the south and some of you forgot to go the businesses on the east so this year we decided to start on the east side, but don’t forget to go to the south side. Our goal is that everyone ends up on the square by 7:15 p.m. to watch the lighted parade. Watch the papers, listen to KDLS, or call the Chamber at 515-993-5472 for updates, as we have them.

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