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Technology Subcommittee – Instructional Learning

Posted October 30, 2012 in Community Blogs

This week’s blog is the last in a series concerning the work of the District’s Technology Committee, specifically the work of the Instructional Learning subcommittee.  The work of this subcommittee you might say is where the rubber meets the road.  All of the work of the other subcommittees need to support the goals of the Instructional Leaning subcommittee.

Instructional Learning is about the knowledge and abilities of both the adults and students in how to engage the use of technology to further support and enrich instruction and ultimately learning at consistently higher levels.

The higher levels of learning are best described in Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of Learning.  The goal and expectation for students will be that they spend more time in the Create, Evaluate, and Analyze levels of learning.  Verbs such as: design, build, produce, critique, judge, compare, question, and organize might best describe the level of work where students will be expected to demonstrate and apply their learning.

Our students will see these higher levels of learning reflected in their local, state, and national assessments.  Appropriate lessons and instructional designs that integrate technology will better engage and challenge students.  Technology integration will better provide access to the skills needed for our students to meet the expectations and demands of the workforce.

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