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Chamber Member 3E

Posted October 26, 2012 in Community Blogs, Windsor Heights

Can you even imagine your life without it? No hot water in the morning, no coffee in your cup, no logging on to the computer at work. In this issue we feature Chamber Member 3E and ask CFO Dave Moench what they do and how they help keep their customers and ultimately all of us humming.


WHC: What services does 3E provide to their customers?


  • Electrical, Industrial, Automation Control and ITS Supplies
  • Power Distribution and Management
  • Commercial and Residential Lighting
  • Electrical Apparatus/Motor Repair
  • Custom Steel Fabrication and Equipment
  • Generator Sales, Service and Rental Center.

WHC: Who are your customers?

DM:  The markets for electrical products are huge including residential and commercial electrical contractors, commercial and industrial companies, schools, hospitals, and power companies, as well as government and military installations. Electrical components are also purchased by manufacturing companies to use in all sorts of electrical products.

WHC: Your About Page notes that 3E was started in 1920. Who started 3E and who heads the company today?

DM:  Here is a video that tells about the founders and beginnings of the company:

3E was founded by J.M. Pilmer. The ‘current CEO’ is Jeff Stroud who is the grandson of J.M. Pilmer.

WHC: Relate a few interesting facts about your industry that perhaps the average person doesn’t realize. What are things that 3E does that impact most everyone in some way?

DM:  3E buys thousands of products from hundreds of electrical manufacturers and then warehouses, sells and delivers these products to their customers. 3E is the essential link between companies that make electrical products and the contractors, electricians, designers, architects, specifiers and service professionals who put the products into operation all over the world.

Beyond warehousing and selling electrical products, 3E also provides critical value-added services like extensive product knowledge, technical assistance and trouble-shooting, on-time delivery, market knowledge, and extending credit to end-users. In addition, 3E provides manufacturers with local market presence through promotions and sales efforts, plus local market intelligence for new product development. 3E contributes a huge part in ‘electrifying today’s world!’

WHC: In what other ways does 3E give to their community?

 DM:  We are big supporters of a number of Windsor Heights Chamber activities as well as to Chambers around the states of Iowa and Nebraska. We also participate in a number of charitable programs such as the United Way and other Des Moines area organizations.

WHC: 3E is a member in the local chambers of the communities where they live. What do you value about membership to the Chamber?

DM: The Chamber assists us in showing our company to the community; it conveys that we are involved in the community, and helps us highlight our strengths: Customer Care, Good Business Practices and Reputation. The Chamber has been and will always be our main voice to the communities we serve.

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