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Why should I join the Clive Chamber?

Posted October 19, 2012 in Community Blogs, Clive

Why should you join the Clive Chamber? What does your dollar get you for your Chamber membership dues?  Those are both good questions.  The answer is pretty simple…relationship building and it is what you make of it or put into it.  If you expect business to drop from the sky on you because now you have a Clive Chamber member sticker in your business window, you will be very disappointed.  I wish it worked that easily, but unfortunately it does not.  There is the old saying; “you get out of it what you put into it” is a perfect phrase to live by.  People do business with one another because of relationships they have built.  A person’s reputation, whether good or bad, can benefit or hurt a business.  Think about that last time you needed a mechanic or a dentist.  Did you just go to the Yellow Pages to find one?  My guess is that you did not.  Maybe if you are on Face Book you put the question out to your friends for a reputable person to search out for your needs.   Well, another way I search out my business needs is through our Clive Chamber Membership Online Directory.  We have many local businesses that can provide you a quality service for your dollar and you are helping to keep money in the Clive community you live or work in.

The Des Moines Partnership, which Clive Chamber is a member of, encourages businesses to “Buy into the Circle”.  What is this you ask?  It is a campaign to encourage local businesses to buy local on as many services or products as possible.  This can have a huge impact on all Des Moines area or Golden Circle businesses and help to keep businesses thriving and people working in the communities we serve or live in.

I want to challenge you all this holiday season to try to do at least 40% -50% of your upcoming holiday shopping in local businesses.  I know there are the inevitable great bargains you can get online or maybe you always take an annual shopping trip out of town with family or friends.   See if you cannot find something else or comparable right here in Clive and in the long run everyone will benefit.

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