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Want a Flat Belly?

Posted October 17, 2012 in Advice Column, Downtown

About four weeks ago, I stumbled across a new “Flat Belly Secret” guaranteed to decrease bloat and help control appetite.

I was skeptical, but I had found it on my fitness idol’s blog, and Tosca Reno never leads me astray. She might have me doing workouts that leave me bed-ridden for the next six weeks from soreness or eating foods that cost more than a Prada handbag, but I’m always better for following Tosca’s advice. This particular tidbit was a little harder to swallow — raw apple cider vinegar (ACV). Add two tablespoons to water before every meal, she advised. I practically gagged just thinking about it. “I’m supposed to drink vinegar? Just vinegar?” “Yes, Julia, you are. And you will enjoy it.”

The next morning, I woke up, eager to try out this new idea. I almost died. Every swallow burned and I felt too nauseated to eat! (Now, please keep in mind, this review is coming from a girl who has a hard time eating pickles. Clearly my tolerance for vinegary things is poorly developed). But in my determination to succeed, I went online and found you can drink it with warm water and honey so it’s like a tea. I thought, “Now that I can handle.”

Four weeks later, I start every morning with vinegar tea — some vinegar, honey and warm water. I feel less bloated overall, and I no longer look five months pregnant right after eating a banana.

How does this work? The acetic acid in ACV works similarly to metformin and acarbose, two prescription medications to help those sensitive to insulin process the substance. In English: drinking ACV before a meal helps control blood sugar by enabling your body to absorb insulin and process it. ACV also may help speed digestion and metabolism, which works to fight indigestion, decreasing bloat. If that wasn’t enough, studies have shown that ACV may help to fight diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, growth of cancer cells and aid in weight loss.

While I enjoy my ACV in tea form, there are several other ways it can be taken. Try it raw, if you can stomach it (recommended for pickle-lovers only), or in a salad dressing to reap all the great health benefits of ACV.

As always, have a healthy day.

Please note: the consumption of ACV does not counteract the consumption of harmful toxins found in many processed foods. Continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet when consuming ACV for optimal health results.

Information provided by Julia Steggerda, Fitness World 24 – Downtown, 418 Sixth Ave., Suite 110, 288-1111.

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