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Chiropractic Q&A

Posted October 17, 2012 in Advice Column, Grimes

Q: Should children have chiropractic care?

A: Many people are familiar with the benefits of chiropractic care to one’s health. But what about children? Surprisingly, the first stress placed on a child’s spinal column is during the birthing process. Equally surprising is the fact that 26 percent of children surveyed at school reported a history of back pain.

A child’s spine is frequently subjected to repeated forces in the process of learning to walk as well as multitude of childhood mishaps, sports-related injuries and postural strains. Many adults who come to a chiropractor’s office show evidence of childhood injuries to their spine that are a contributing factor for their pain today. This is why it is important to have your child’s spine checked regularly for any signs of spinal imbalances or misalignments.

Fortunately, chiropractic has had many positive results in treating some very common childhood maladies. Problems like colic, headaches, ear infections, scoliosis, asthma and even some cases of behavioral problems and bed-wetting have been successfully treated with chiropractic care. In fact, a study showed that children under chiropractic care suffered from fewer ear infections than those whose parents sought medical care alone.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe for children? Absolutely! Because a child’s skeletal system is still developing there is a great deal of elasticity within the joints. Light pressure is usually all that is needed to adjust a child’s spine.

So, the next time you go to your chiropractors office, take your children. The few minutes you invest in your child’s spinal checkup may save him or her needless suffering now and in the future.

Information provided by Williamson Chiropractic, 206 S. Main St., 986-9189.

Q: Can chiropractic care help me during pregnancy?

A: At first glance, most people don’t see the connection between chiropractic and pregnancy. However, there are four stages in which having an optimally working nervous system can help both mother and child.
    • Pre-conception. Chiropractic care prepares the body to be as strong, supple and balanced as possible to carry the pregnancy.
    • Pregnancy. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy appeals to mothers who seek a natural approach to better health.
    • Labor and birth. Many rely on chiropractic care to help assure optimum biomechanics of the hips and spine in the hopes of reducing the need for interventions during the birth process.
    • After birth. Even natural births can stress a baby’s spine. Breastfeeding problems can arise if the baby has a subluxation and is unable to comfortably turn its head to one side.

Q: Will adjustments hurt my baby?
A: Of course not. This is a common concern among parents who mistakenly think their child will receive adjustments like the ones they receive. Not only are adjusting techniques modified for each person’s size and unique spinal problem, an infant’s spine rarely has the long-standing muscle tightness seen in adults. This makes the energy needed to adjust a child’s spine considerably less than an adult’s does.

Relax. We use special approaches to make our adjustments safe and comfortable for you and your child.

Information provided by Zortman & Kleckner Chiropractic, 250 S.W. First St., Suite D, 986-2233.

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