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How to Tweet-Up with the Downtown Chamber

Posted October 12, 2012 in Community Blogs, Downtown

Networking on Twitter? You bet! Taking part in the monthly Member Tweet-Up with the Downtown Chamber is simple. Read more to learn how.

Downtown Chamber members know that they are part of a new chamber. Established in 2008, programs, events, networking and voice have the advantage of easily integrating with today’s technology and resources. One example of how the Downtown Chamber utilizes these tools is by offering a monthly Member Tweet-Up.

The idea came from Downtown Chamber Membership Chair, Joe Benesh (RDG Planning & Design). Having moderated tweet-ups for other organizations, Joe volunteered to host the first Downtown Chamber tweet-up, initially marketed to new members as a form of New Member Orientation.  During the first tweet-up, it became clear that this activity would be relevant to all members, and an excellent forum in which to create conversation among members and share ideas. Member Tweet-Ups are now offered the second Wednesday of every month from Noon-1:00pm on Twitter, using the hashtag #tweetdsm.

How do you participate in a Tweet-Up? There are various forms.  The method that the Downtown Chamber uses is allowing participants to join the discussion on Twitter from their own devices, from their own locations, and meet-up on Twitter. They follow a specific hashtag, which is a word with a hash (#) in front of it, and they add it to the tweet message to include into the conversation. This allows the follower to click on the hashtag and follow all the tweets with that hashtag. For those wanting to focus on this hashtag exclusively, using is encouraged. It allows you to follow just the tweets with that hashtag, while also automatically adding the hashtag to anything you tweet.

Once you’re participating in the Tweet-Up, you can expect to find a Moderator, who asks questions and keeps the discussion on track. In recent Tweet-Ups, participants have engaged in brainstorming programming and events ideas, learned about other members’ businesses, and how to get involved in the chamber or the community. In fact, one participant joined the Membership Committee after the first Tweet-Up!

Many chamber members use social media for marketing. It can also be used for networking. When embraced and made available in a way that brings people together around common interests, you’re “Creating Connections that Count!”

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