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Planning for the New Year

Posted October 10, 2012 in Community Featured, Norwalk

Soon it will be the time when most businesses will be planning for the next year — preparing budgets, setting goals and evaluating this past year to see if they accomplished their goals they set for themselves the previous year.

Your Chamber of Commerce will be doing the same thing. We will reflect on this past year, plan for the next year and set some goals. We welcome comments from our Chamber members to make sure you are getting the most out of your membership, what can we do better and what can we offer that we aren’t currently offering our members. We also want to remind our members that if you are having a promotion of any kind, let us know about it, and we can help you get the word out.

One of the things we are considering is a Member 2 Member discount card. Chamber bucks was introduced this year. It has been a little slow taking off, but with the upcoming holidays we hope to see many more of them out there in circulation. Feel free to contact the Chamber office any time regarding Chamber bucks. Anyone can buy them, but only Chamber members can redeem them.

We will also be starting our membership drive in the next couple of months. This year was our highest year of membership since I have been here, and I believe that businesses know the importance of being a Chamber member and supporting other businesses within their community and supporting their community as a whole. We even have a couple individuals who believe in a strong Chamber of Commerce and have joined their Norwalk Area Chamber of Commerce. Some businesses think they don’t need to join the Chamber as they don’t see the value in it. When our Chamber directory goes out every spring, a Norwalk residents might ask themselves why one of their favorite businesses is not in the Chamber book? Why is their business not listed on the Chamber’s website?

A potential person looking to locate in Norwalk might wonder how many restaurants we have here. Do we have a hardware store? How many auto shops do we have here? What other types of businesses are there in town? They are often surprised when they come to check out Norwalk that we have a lot more businesses here than what is reflected on our website or in our directory.

Won’t you consider putting it into your 2013 plan to join your Norwalk Area Chamber of Commerce? You will realize the value of your membership dues, not just by being more visible, but also showing you support your community and want to show others the strong commerce we do have here in Norwalk!

As always, remember to buy locally.

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