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New e-book Publishing Strategy Causes Customer Complaints

Posted October 10, 2012 in Community Blogs, Waukee

Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes is the new erotica book taking the country by storm. It is another self-published story that has been taken up by St. Martin’s Press, similar to Fifty Shades of Grey now published by Vintage, a Random House imprint.

Unlike Fifty Shades however, the customer complaints are not about the content.  Customers are upset because Anything He Wants is only a chapter, or installment of 28 pages.  It costs $.99.  If you want subsequent chapters, Amazon is charging $2.99 each. There are five in all, the last coming out in September.  In November all five will be released, in one package we hope.  It will be interesting to see how the five “chapters” are priced.

Currently, this is not being offered by OverDrive so we do not have the content in our catalog.  I’m sure when the final product is announced, OverDrive will carry it and we might have many holds.

Here are a few of the complaints:

“At $.99 each, I would have been OK with it. But at $2.99 each? So far the first 3 installments (more are coming) are $6.97 for less than 100 pages. And you have to wait for each installment!”

“But I have a HUGE problem with it. It is the first chapter to a book, and leaves you hanging. Then, you have to buy each additional chapter (about 35 pages) for $2.99 each!!!! Write a book, and charge me 6-7 dollars, and I’m fine. But I think that this is a sleaze-ball way of selling a book. As much as I liked the beginning, I will not buy the rest.”

“This is a rip off you think you are purchasing the book read about 25 pages and then the end until you pay for it again.”

It will be interesting to see if publishers see this as a new way to make money.

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