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8th Girls’ VB Results from 10.18.12

Posted October 10, 2012 in Community Web Exclusives, Greene County

The Rams hosted an undefeated Nevada team on Thursday.   The Rams won the C match, but were defeated in the A and B matches.  The Rams were much more competitve than the first time we played Nevada.

We are running a 5-1 offense with Hannah Promes as our primary setter with Kenna Marquardt helping out in some of the games.  We have had strong hitting by Nadia Fisher, Olivia Hansen, Kenna Marquardt, Hannah McConnell, Hannah Stein, Taylor Wessling.  We have several athletes who have been able to dig up the passes in the back row:  Abby Badger, Carly Brown, Chasity Derry, Emily Heupel, and Kristal Morales.  We have 24 girls on our team and each contributed so much to our team.

Game scores:
A:  17-21, 17-21, 5-21
B:  11-21, 15-21, 8-15
C:  21-15, 21-10

Game records:
A:  7-18
B:  3-23
C:  9-3
D:  0-2

Match records:
A:  3-6
B:  1-8
C:  3-1-1
D:  0-1

Top servers:
Lindsey Paulsen served 7/7 with 2 aces for 100%
Chasity Derry served 3/3 for 100%
Izzy Wilson served 2/2 for 100%
Alex Ratliff served 9/10 with 2 aces for 90%
Hannah Promes served 24/27 with 9 aces for 89%
Emily Heupel served 5/6 for 83%

Team serving:  87/117 with 17 aces for 74%.

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