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Construction Underway at Fuller Hall

Posted October 04, 2012 in Community Blogs

This past week construction started at the Fuller Hall Recreation Center.  Plans include remodeling the kitchen, Sampson Room, and former main entrance.  It is hoped all of the work will be completed by the first part of December.

The Sampson Room at Fuller Hall is named after Bob and Jan Sampson who started Beam Central Vacuum in 1957. This room is a multi-purpose room that is used both for Fuller Hall programs and available for rent to the public.  Examples of this room being used include:  birthday parties, family gatherings, public and private meetings, tae kwon do classes, Shotokan karate classes, and yoga classes.  The Sampson Room is available by appointment and can be used anytime Fuller Hall is open.

Once the remodeling is completed we hope to also install a large screen  television with the ability to connect to a lap top computer that would make the room ideal for meetings in which power point presentations and slide shows could be used without the hassle of having a traditional projector and screen.  We hope to work out the details within the next month and this ready by the first part of December.

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