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Greene County Bands Win at Carroll Band Days

Posted October 02, 2012 in Community Web Exclusives, Greene County

The Greene County High School and combined Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands each received first place trophies in class 3A parade competition at the 55th annual Carroll Band Day Parade on Saturday, September 29.  In addition, the Greene County High School Band was featured in an exhibition  performance of their half-time show, “Wicked,” following the parade.

Field commanders for the High School Band included Quinn Flack, Andrea Chargo, and Parker Willis. Flag squad members included: Bonnie Duong, Kate Sandage, Marissa Hinners, Sarah Sandage, Kate Larson, Victoria Sims, Morgan Bennett, Quinn Flack, and Andrea Chargo.

Drum Major for the Greene County Seventh-Eighth Grade Bands was Marcelo Alarcon.  Flag squad members for this performance included: Nadia Fisher, Alex Ratliff, Karli Anthofer, Hannah Promes, and Kenna Marquardt.

 The next appearance for the bands will be Band Night on Friday, October 19.


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