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Solid Home

Posted September 26, 2012 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

Della Smith recalls a time when there were no mature trees in her Pleasant Hill neighborhood.

Once upon a lonely hill, sheep would graze. It was a proud hill, yet empty of mature trees. There were no houses, no children. There was no elementary school in sight. It was a pleasant hill — it was just bare.

Then, in 1962, Dick Henry built several homes along this stretch of lonely land. Finally, by winter that year, happy children were sledding down this tree-less hill, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

The Smith family purchased one of these three-bedroom ranch-style homes. And for many years to come, this house was a happy home for a family of four. It still serves a joyous purpose after its child-rearing years. It now boasts photos of four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

“I love this home,” says Della Smith. “Down to the trim and hardwood floors.”

There is much more to love about this home than the fresh oak floors. Della loves her backyard. Its lush green grass, mature trees, vegetable garden and many pretty potted plants give no hint that once upon a time not one mature tree stood here.

“We have done so much work to this backyard over the years,” she says. “When we would leave on vacation, our neighbor would water for us. We would come home and he would tell us he was moving because it took too long to care for our flowers.”

The deck and pergola are an addition to the backyard. They, too, are covered with colorful seasonal flowers, hostas and seedlings that Della enjoys growing.

“This is my therapy back here,” she says. “It’s so relaxing to be out here.”

Another addition is the heated, four-season room. With windows that allow for easy daydreaming, it’s easy to feel the love here. Della’s green thumb gives life to the entire backyard.

Her garden is full of tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and asparagus — all of which she grows to give to her daughter and her neighbor.

Beside her garden is a clothesline that has been in place since 1962. It adds to the proof of all the hard work and love that has been put into this home and yard.

This 1962 ranch home is solid with loving memories and vibrant happenings — inside and out.

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