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New Project

Posted September 26, 2012 in Community Featured, Beaverdale

Owen Palmer enjoys helping his dad, Brian, with the new addition. Owen’s favorite tool in the garage is his paintbrush.

Brian Palmer’s favorite tool is his hammer.

“It’s the tool I used most often when building our addition,”  the Beaverdale resident says.

Palmer is nearing the completion of an addition to his 1922 bungalow which had a small, detached garage and galley kitchen.

“We loved the look of our house,” says Palmer of his one-story, two-bedroom house. “But the kitchen was very small, the garage was barely bigger than a shed, the foundation needed work and our family was growing.”

With a degree in design and planning, Palmer had spent much time sketching out ideas for an addition that would complement the original design of their house and provide the space they desired.

Situated on a triangular piece of property, the front porch sits like the bridge of a ship, peering out over the bow of the boat.

“I really wanted to keep that look from the front,” says Palmer. “With the porch as the dominant feature as seen from the front, I envisioned the rest of the house falling back and out as your eyes follow the lines.”

Doing much of the work himself and with help from friends, the Palmers built a new foundation under much of their current house. At the same time, footings and a new garage floor were poured for the addition.

“I really had to think about the steps to build this, because we were still living here during construction. We had to maintain use of our old kitchen until the new kitchen was complete,” says Palmer. “The kitchen was the most challenging because it was also the main access to the new part of the house and would be torn out — with my hammer — and become an entryway to our home with a new door and porch off the garage.”

Palmer and his hammer have been busy finishing the addition since that first foundation project. Their house now has an attached two-car garage, spacious kitchen and dining room and two bedrooms with baths.

“It’s a work in progress,” says Palmer of his never-ending honey-do list, his hammer not hanging in the garage for long.

“We love our new space, though,” he says. “We’re happy with how the addition looks on the house and in the neighborhood We really enjoy having friends over; we just didn’t have the space before.”

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