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Faith For All

Posted September 26, 2012 in Community Featured, Beaverdale

Sometimes we make a pros-and-cons list that circles the block in order to decide some of life’s most important choices. When it comes to our children’s education, parents always want what’s best. That can mean a private school, a public school or a parochial one.

For children who are not currently enrolled in Holy Trinity Catholic School, there are still many programs that allow for faith-based education. Enrollment is still available for families wanting their child to be apart of the church’s Faith Formation program. This is open to children from grades first through eighth who are members of the Holy Trinity Parish. It was created as an alternative for families not wishing to send their children to the Catholic school at Holy Trinity. The program is offered on Wednesday nights and gives kids the opportunity to meet their fellow Catholic peers.

“Our Faith Formation program gives children a balance between the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic church. They have an opportunity to learn scriptures as well as traditions,” says Paulette Chapman, who is the director of Faith Formation.

For older youth, Holy Trinity has LifeTeen as a part of its youth ministry. Teens have the opportunity to participate in activities with their peers, and most of the networking is done through Facebook.

“It is nice that a lot of it is done through the Holy Trinity Youth Ministry Facebook page because we know that is what kids use to connect these days,” Chapman says.

There’s one for the kiddos, too. Holy Trinity’s Sunday school program, “Celebrate,” is an option for children ages 3 and 4. This is the only other program that requires registration. For children that are of age, but not quite ready to enter kindergarten, Holy Trinity has provided what they call “developmental kindergarten,” which is used to help children better prepare themselves to enter school.

For more information regarding Faith Formation, contact Paulette Chapman at, or for information regarding Holy Trinity Catholic School or other youth programs being offered, visit the church website

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