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Four in a Row

Posted September 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

Vicky Daniel knows what she likes, and she likes the Hyundai Santa Fe. Actually, her affinity for the vehicle could be more like an obsession than a crush.

Vicky Daniel, left, loves everything about the Hyundai Santa Fe. In fact she loves it so much, she’s about to buy her fourth one.

“I love them, and I love Hyundai,” she says. “I’ve had a 2007, 2009 and 2011.”

All three of Daniel’s Santa Fes have been white, and she says she plans to get a new white 2013 model. She teasingly says she always gets white vehicles because “the good guys always ride the white horses.”

She says the real reason is because she is a real estate agent, and she doesn’t think real estate agents should drive up in “mysterious black cars.”

So what is it that keeps her coming back for more? Daniel says she never has any problems with the vehicles, she likes the way they look, and she really likes that come with a 100,000-mile warranty. She says the vehicle handles well in the snow, which was a big plus for her.

“They’re economical to buy,” she says, continuing her checklist of why she likes the cars. “And they’re economical to run.”

She also feels if her clients see she is economically responsible herself, they’ll know that she is also taking their economics into consideration.

Daniel says while she likes the features she has in her current Santa Fe, the next one she will purchase will come equipped with a push button hatchback to make hauling easier.

“I just like everything about the car,” she says. “I really do.”

Not only does Daniel use the vehicle to drive to homes to meet her clients, she drives to Palm Beach every year with her dog. When she has company — currently her daughter, Jolynn Press, who comes in from France — she does a lot of travel in the area.

Daniel is new to the area, fresh from Napa Valley less than a year ago, and says she is very happy here.

“It’s just the convenience,” she says. Coming from a large city, the short drives to work and stores makes her life easier. “I love it.”

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