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Posted September 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Downtown

Four years ago, Nicole Barreca moved to Des Moines to attend college. After graduating, she landed a job downtown and began planting new roots. One of those roots is an apartment in Sherman Hill.

Nicole Barreca says her Sherman Hill apartment has a small-town feel to it.

“I picked it because I’m from a small town, and it feels like on one side of the building you’re still in that small town,” Barreca says. “And from the other side I can see downtown.”

Barreca adds that the price also contributed to her decision. Her complex is just far enough away from the downtown action to offer slightly lower rent. Though she loves her new place, it wasn’t easy to find.

She and her friends diligently searched for the perfect home for more than two months.

“I looked at like three a week,” she says.

She says she looked at all price ranges of living quarters and even looked at several she knew she couldn’t afford just to see what different complexes had to offer.

“It was a long, agonizing process,” she laughs. “But in the end I like where I am.”

The complex she finally picked to call home has one major benefit over the majority of other places she saw.

“It has free parking,” Barreca says. “The other places I was looking at wanted $100 additional for parking.”

Her only complaint — which isn’t really a complaint as much as an observation — is that there is only one washer and dryer in the building where she is located.

“That’s kind of unfortunate,” she says. “But it just takes longer to do your laundry.”

Barreca says she likes the atmosphere of living downtown versus the last four years of living on a college campus.

“There’s more going on around here,” she says.

She says the only thing she doesn’t like about living downtown is when events are going on in the area and the main thoroughfares get closed. Her five-minute drive to work turned into half an hour during one recent event which shut down multiple streets.

Barreca says the location in Sherman Hill offers good access to Ingersoll, which adds to the already long list of options for shopping, dining and entertainment.
“I didn’t have to be at Third and Court where it’s loud with the bars,” she says. “I can be a slightly off the beaten path and still have that downtown feel.”

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