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Homecoming Week

Posted September 18, 2012 in Community Blogs

It is Homecoming week at Webster City Schools.  Homecoming week brings with it a variety of events and activities that culminate in the Homecoming Football game Friday night and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night.  It is an exciting time for the students, staff, alumni and community.

The week for many of us is a time of reflection; perhaps back to our high school years and Homecoming memories.  Some things have changed and some have not.  Dress up days, pep rallies, float building, parades, Homecoming Court, and dances are still important parts of the week.  Bon fires and snake dances are two of the events from my high school years that no longer occur.  You probably can add to the list.

Regardless of the traditions that remain and the traditions that have past, it is a week where we all can unite behind the common theme of school spirit and pride.  Enjoy the week and see you at the ballgame Friday night.  Go Lynx.

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