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ACT Scores Well Above State Average

Posted September 18, 2012 in Adel, Community Blogs

Each August we receive our official ACT results for the previous year’s graduating class. The ACT is the college entrance exam taken by most Iowa graduates and is used across the nation, and it provides information on how prepared students are for success in first year college coursework as well as career readiness. We are pleased to report that our 2012 ACT composite of 23.4 is well above the state average of 22.1. This marks the fourth consecutive year that ADM’s composite has been above 23! Below you can view the ACT performance of ADM graduates over the past ten years compared to the state average.

At ADM we utilize ACT data in our curriculum revision cycles in order to best prepare our students for a very important test like the ACT. We also have worked hard to make changes to our course offerings in math and science to encourage students to take a more rigorous series of courses in those areas, thus increasing the ACT scores, but more importantly better preparing students for college and career. The ACT figures to be even more prominent in Iowa as there continues to be a push to have ALL Iowa graduates to take the ACT prior to graduation starting in 2014.

For more information on the ACT exam you can go to or give me a call at 993-4283.

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