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Clive Approves New Strategic Plan for the Community

Posted September 14, 2012 in Clive, Community Web Exclusives

September 14, 2012- CLIVE, Iowa – During their September 6th meeting the Clive City Council approved a new strategic direction for the community. The Clive Plan 2012-2017-2027 outlines a new vision and mission statement for the City of Clive. The Plan also identifies five-year goals the City wishes to achieve to realize their community vision and specific action items for the next 12 months to achieve those goals.

The five-year goals include: Financially Sound City Providing Services Valued by Residents Great Place to Live: The Premier Location for Families Upgrade City Facilities and Infrastructure Vibrant Corridors and Town Center.

Approval of the Clive Plan is the culmination of a six-month development process where the Mayor and City Council and the City’s Management Team worked with Strategic Planning Consultant Lyle Sumek to develop the new strategic plan. Public input for the Clive Plan was generated through a Citizen Summit in June where small focus groups of Clive residents were encouraged to give feedback on the vision statement and goals being developed by the City Council. Also, results of the 2012 Citizen Satisfaction Survey were utilized in the development of the Clive Plan.

A description of the Clive Plan 2012-2017-2027, including the new vision, mission statement and related documents, are available on the City’s website at Over the next 12 months regular reports will be provided by the City on the progress of the action items identified in the Clive Plan.

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