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Protect It, It’s Important

Posted September 12, 2012 in Advice Column, West Des Moines

It is the license key of your computer. Since the late 1990s, Microsoft has insisted that your license key is affixed to the outside of your computer.

At 600MONKEYS, we repair operating system troubles and reinstall operating systems when they become so corrupt it is necessary. When reinstallation is necessary, we need to refer to key that is attached to your computer. In particular, keys affixed to the bottom of a laptop are frequently rubbed, smeared and generally made to be illegible. When this occurs, Microsoft doesn’t allow the reinstallation of their software unless we have a valid reinstallation key (one we can read). For both desktops and laptops alike, we recommend that you take a picture of, make a photo copy of, or write your Windows version name and complete license key. With this information you will be able to reinstall the operating system without the expense of a repurchase of the software. It is not the CD or DVD disk that is valuable, but the key affixed to your system.

Call or stop at 600MONKEYS. We would be happy to show or tell you the location of the key on your computer and help you secure this information.

Information provided by James L. Thalacker 600MONKEYS, 5465 Mills Civic Parkway Suite 220, West Des Moines, 327-0600,

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