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New Exhibit At The Ankeny Art Center

Posted September 12, 2012 in Des Moines West, Community Web Exclusives

“Derivatives, Examining Ideas Found in the Natural World”
Janet Hart Heinicke in the main gallery.

“The Horreum, ut Sacellum” (The Barn, as a Chapel)
Michael Wilson in the side gallery

Exhibition Showing: October 3rd-November 29th, 2012  
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 4th  5pm-7pm

The Ankeny Art Center gallery and receptions are free and open to the public
Refreshments will be served

“Derivatives, Examining Ideas Found in the Natural World”
By Janet Hart Heinicke

This show will consist of drawings and paintings derived from a close examination of  natural forms. Variations in scale and value will emphasize the elements of trees, the terrain of land forms, and the texture of organic substances. Often the final product derived from these examinations will be a magnified and greatly abstracted feast of color and light created using water soluble pigments and dyes.
Janet Heinicke is one of those people who has always “made art”! Beginning with childhood trips journeying along with her working mom, (who invited her to look at and enjoy the world of nature around her in eastern Indiana), then in adult life as an itinerant art teacher in a Mennonite school district in northeastern Indiana, and subsequently in life as a college art professor first in the Chicago suburbs and later in Iowa, the consistent focus for Heinicke has always been about “making” art and “telling” about art. Today Heinicke continue to share her passion for “making” and “telling” with others. She feeds and nourishes this passion with studies derived from drawings of objects, buildings, and natural plant materials, sights seen on journeys abroad. Her travels have taken her to countries in Southeast Asia, such as China, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand, and more recently to East Africa, and to Eastern Europe where she studied, taught and shared her work. Her work has been exhibited in Japan, in Tanzania, in the Ukraine and in Russia; in the states she is a frequent exhibitor and during her career Heinicke has created more than a hundred one person exhibits in venues stretching from New York to Arizona. She is listed in Who’s Who in American Art and in International Women of Distinction among other such biographical listings as well as the recipient of awards from Northern Illinois University and Wittenberg University.

“The Horreum, ut Sacellum” (The Barn, as a Chapel)
By Michael Wilson

The exhibit will be a collection of original oil paintings of rural subject matter. Michael depicts man’s interaction with the land and interjects reverent atmosphere into his subjects.

Michael was born into a farming family in Iowa in 1962. When he was school age his parents moved from the farm to the small town of Persia, IA. After High School, Michael served from 1979-1985 in the Iowa Army National Guard and has been employed in various positions ranging from a beef packing plant to warehouse labor. In 1993 he earned an Associate of Arts degree from Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA. In 2011, after working 22 years in the insurance industry (the last ten years as a Sr. Graphic Designer) Michael made the decision to devote himself full-time to creating and developing his art. Michael and his wife Denise live in Des Moines, Iowa. They have two children: daughter and son-in-law Amanda and Stephen Stacy, and son Matthew Wilson, and one granddaughter, Ella Stacy.

I enjoy good conversation. Art is an intimate dialog between the artist and the medium, and at its finest, creates an inexpressible exchange between the artist and viewer.  I create oil paintings to initiate this conversation. I’m successful when my painting illuminates the “human condition,” that irreducible part of humanity that is inherent in all people. I’m drawn to art that depict man’s interaction with the land. I paint traditional, rural subject matter because it speaks to me, and I feel a responsibility to translate.

I’m a steward of my talent and the environment. My art exhibits the relationship between mankind and the natural world. I feel that preserving both transforms the landscape into healthy mixtures of agriculture and natural ecosystem.

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