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Artstop: a Culture Connection

Posted September 06, 2012 in Web Exclusives

Artstop, in partnership with the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, will present a collection of fiber sculptures by Priscilla Sage during Artstop 2012 at the State of Iowa Historical Building in Des Moines.  The sculptures take their inspiration from patterns and forms found in nature and will be on view from September 14-29 in the ground-level window bays facing Locust Street, where visitors can walk through and among them.

According to the Iowa State University Museum, Ames-based artist Priscilla Sage has spent the past fifty years pushing the boundaries of textiles and fiber into the realm of sculpture and fine art.  Sage is an associate professor emeritus at Iowa State University.

Artstop, now in its sixth year, is expanding into a two-week, three-weekend celebration of creativity and adventurous art in the Greater Des Moines metro.  The public can visit two Cultural and Entertainment districts per weekend beginning September 14 and 15 at venues in the Court Avenue and Historic East Village districts.  The following weekend, September 21 and 22, featured districts are Roosevelt and Historic Valley Junction.  On September 28 and 29, Western Gateway and Ingersoll districts will be featured.

Another addition to Artstop in 2012 is Project Spaces, featuring venues and artists who have selected each other online.  Over 30 Project Spaces are on view during Artstop hours on designated weekends and daily from September 14-29.  The public can vote online for their favorite Project Space.

Thirty traditional Artstop venues, many  offering workshops, exhibitions, artist demonstrations, gallery openings, children’s activities,  and musical and dance performances will take place on designated weekends.

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