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Lexus Fan

Posted September 05, 2012 in Community Featured, Johnston

When people start hunting for a new car, they usually have a few ideas of what they want.

Glenita Callahan and her 2004 Lexus RX 330.

Maybe they are strictly truck guys, or maybe they like the zip of a sports car. Or maybe they just stick with one brand, which is the case with Glenita Callahan. Since buying her first Lexus in 1993 (a GS 300), Callahan has ridden in other cars but only drives a Lexus.

“Lexus has always been considered an upscale vehicle, but the reason I kept going back to them was because of how smooth the ride was and how safe they were,” she says. “I like a lot of other vehicles and almost bought a couple of other cars, but I always come back to the Lexus.”

Callahan drove her GS 300 for a decade before going bigger with a 2003 RX 330.

“I got a lot of enjoyment out of that car, but I was getting ready to move to Iowa, and the winters were going to come into play. I knew I wanted something that wouldn’t have a problem getting around in the snow,” she says. “I had heard Lexus was making a mid-size SUV and went to take a look at them. It was exactly what I wanted, so I drove it home and eventually drove it to Iowa.”

Callahan enjoyed her GS 300, but the RX 330 took the cake.

“I absolutely fell in love with the style of RX 330 and knew that once the time came, I’d probably get another one,” she says.

That time did come. In 2010, Callahan purchased another RX 330, but she stayed with a similar year rather than getting something newer.

“I looked at a lot of the newer ones, and although they kind of look the same, I liked the early 2000’s look better. So I started looking for something from 2003-2006 and came across the 2004,” she says. “The mileage was low and the price was right, so I couldn’t pass it up.”

The car has been nothing but great since Callahan got in.

“Lexus makes a well-built vehicle, and it has been extremely reliable,” she says. “Other than the routine maintenance stuff, I’ve never taken it to garage. It just keeps on running.”

When asked if she would get something other than a Lexus the next time she needs a vehicle, Callahan didn’t have to ponder long.

“I doubt it,” she says. “I have never had a problem with my Lexus, so why would I take a chance on something else?”

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