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A True Classic

Posted September 05, 2012 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

A true classic never goes out of style. With age, its beauty becomes more refined, creating a deeper appreciation for having weathered the years.

Gene Madson spends a lot of time under the summer sun in this 1979 T-Top Monte Carlo.

Gene Madson loved the classic lines of his 1979 Monte Carlo right from the start. Madson is the second owner of the car, but he’s owned it for nearly all of its 33 years.

“I had a friend and neighbor that bought it new, and I bought it from him shortly after that,” Madson explains.

The neighbor had been looking for a Corvette and traded off the Monte Carlo after only about six months when one became available. Madson hasn’t been tempted to part with it since.

“It’s just a classy-looking car. I thought it was nice looking back when I bought it, and I still do,” he says.

The Monte Carlo is still Madson’s go-to car on warm summer days. The car is stored in the winter, so most of its 138,000 miles have been put on with the T-Bar roof taken off under sunny skies.

“The T-Top doesn’t go on very often,” he says.

Madson has had his share of sweet rides over the years. One of his favorites was a 1965 Dodge Coronet 500.

“It was just a really beautiful car. It had a black interior, with a floor shift,” he recalls.

While Madson has plenty of “car stories,” one of the best is the tale of how he got his first car. Madson was fresh out of the Marine Corps, working in the theater business, and was playing poker with some buddies.

“We were in a poker game and this guy owed me $50; he didn’t have the money to pay me, so I asked what he did have. He said, ‘I have a ’54 Chevy,’ and I said, ‘All right, that’ll do!’ That’s actually the first car I ever had. It wasn’t one to brag about, but it got you around,” he recalls.

As for the Monte Carlo, Madson is just as happy with it today as the day he bought it. It’s been repainted once, but he kept it the original soft, robin’s egg blue. He did “jazz up” the engine, while still keeping the original V-8.

When you’ve got a good thing, you just keep it.

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