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Posted September 04, 2012 in Community Blogs, Urbandale

I am pleased to have the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas through this blog with Iowa Living magazine.  Throughout the course of this year I hope to not only share, but to challenge our current thinking about education and learning.

For today I want to invite readers to think about learning.  Specifically, consider something you are good at that you enjoy.  Reflect for a moment about how you learned – how you reached this level of mastery with this activity you enjoy.  Did you read about it?  Did you watch videos?  Did you learn by doing?  Did you do worksheets? Did you read a chapter and answer the questions at the end?

It is likely that you reached this level of proficiency by learning the way you learn best.  You selected particular ways to learn that were meaningful and beneficial to you.  This may or may not be the way learning was presented to you while you were in school, but it is the way you learn best.  Imagine what your learning could have been like in school had you been given the opportunity to learn in the ways best suited to you.

What I ask you to consider this week is the following: “What would be the results in school if we facilitated learning in the ways that work best for each student?”  The answer to this question may hold the key to increasing student achievement and inspiring joy in learning for all students.

Dr. Doug Stilwell, Superintendent
Urbandale Community School District

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