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Webster City’s Transportation Fleet

Posted August 28, 2012 in Community Blogs

The Des Moines Register is currently running a series of articles on school bus inspections and school district transportation issues.  As a result, this week’s blog will give you a quick review of the Webster City School District’s Transportation Fleet.

The district currently has nineteen buses in its fleet of which thirteen are used for daily routes and of the remaining six, three are used as trip buses and three are used as sub buses.  The oldest regular route bus is eighteen years old.  For activities we use a bus, suburban, or car to transport staff and students.  We currently have four suburbans and two cars we use for activities.  The oldest suburban is a 2002 and is used on a limited basis the oldest car is a 2011.

In 2009 the district was cited on consecutive inspections for a lower LED light malfunction on a stop arm.  The bus cited was a new bus and the LED malfunction was found to be a manufacturer’s defect that was ultimately corrected by a factory recall.

The district bus and vehicle replacement schedule calls for a new bus every other year and either a car or suburban purchase in the years in between bus purchases.   We take very seriously the condition of our fleet with our number one priority being the safety of the students for which we are responsible.

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