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Hoyt Sherman Place Goes Green with a Recycling Program

Posted August 28, 2012 in Des Moines West, Community Web Exclusives

More than 75,000 guests visit the mansion, theater and art galleries annually, and one of the goals of the Hoyt Sherman Place Foundation and theHoyt Sherman Placestaff is to continue to enhance the beauty of the building, preserving it for generations. In June 2012, Hoyt Sherman Place was awarded a $1,967.00 grant with the Competitive Grant Program from Metro Waste Authority, which will provide the facility the opportunity to preserve the historic landmark while maintaining a focus on environmental sustainability.
With this grant, management will be able to set up a new recycling program that will allow the facility to decrease the amount of trash from the offices, events and other programs, and divert it from the landfill to recycling centers. The grant will fund the initial setup of the program by purchasing the proper containers for the historic theater lobby and art galleries. Recycling will be available throughout the facility starting in early September.
Over the past year, there has been a trend in increasing environmental awareness for the events and entertainment industry. Hoyt Sherman Place has hosted several musicians that focus on environmental sustainability, including Guster who started Reverb, a nonprofit organization devoted to environmental standards for musicians. Hoyt Sherman Place also hosts the Iowa Recycling Association annual luncheon and awards ceremony. As the entertainment industry standards change, there is also an increase in clients’ awareness on holding an event at a location that is dedicated to environmental sustainability.
By incorporating a recycling program into the daily operations, Hoyt Sherman Place will be able to simultaneously meet client needs for sustainability awareness, preserve the historic landmark for the future, and protect the environment.

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