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Soul Ride

Posted August 22, 2012 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

Few people probably put as much thought and consideration into buying a new vehicle as Tina Hellyer did when she selected her 2011 Kia Soul.

Tina Hellyer and her 2011 Kia Soul.

“I knew two years prior to buying it what I wanted,” Hellyer says. “I was just waiting for the timing to be right.”

The timing came last year, and Hellyer headed to the dealership. Because she waited to get the vehicle, she had time to pick out the color and features she wanted well ahead of time.

“The features weren’t near as important as having the type of car I got,” she says. Even so, she still appreciates the moonroof, CD player and MP3 player that came along with the vehicle. She also likes having plush upholstered seats.

She says she had been looking for something economical that would offer good mileage. She selected the Soul for those reasons and because she likes the overall look.

“It’s different,” she says.  “It’s funky. I like that.” The front reminds her of a classic car, but the boxed shape on the rear she thinks is reminiscent of the 1970s.

The only concern Hellyer has is that she hasn’t had much of a chance to try her new Soul out in winter weather. Before this, she drove an SUV, and because last winter was so mild, she still hasn’t really tried the car in bad conditions. But she is already planning ahead, saying she’ll take “eight minutes to drive to work instead of two.”

Hellyer readily admits the car is her baby, and she is protective of it. She laughs as she explains that she even refused when her husband asked to borrow her car. But she has a very good reason; she has calculated how many miles she can put on the Soul each year and still maintain a good value on the vehicle.

“He wanted to take it to Georgia,” she says. “That would have put my mileage over for the year.”

Because of her short drive to work, she should have no problem staying below the 7,500 miles she has allotted herself.

She has no plans to trade it in at this time and says she may decide to keep it forever. Her reason for being aware of the value is simply because she believes anything a person buys should be kept the best that it can be.

“That way it’s the best bang for your money that you’ve spent,” she says.

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