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Pleasantly Fun

Posted August 22, 2012 in Altoona, Community Featured

There are many reasons Rich and Elaine Rund love their home. The Altoona location is just the icing on the cake for them.

The extremely energy-efficient home, built in 1989, is something to brag about. The 2×6 walls provide tremendous insulation. The lighting, gas, water heaters and windows all contribute to hefty monthly savings, and the no-maintance steel siding makes for even less work outside. This home is an impressive example of energy efficiency.

The couple also likes the one-floor living space the upstairs offers. The master bedroom and bathroom are on the main level. The living room is a fresh, open space with beautiful hardwood floors that blends in with the kitchen and sliding deck doors.

Elaine and Rich Rund love their
energy-efficient home at 800 Scenic View Blvd.

Once outside the sliding deck doors, you’ll see even more reason the Runds love their home. The above-ground swimming pool is surrounded by a deck full of fun tables, chairs and umbrellas. The backyard foliage is perfectly outlined with iris, mums, clematis and even rhubarb. A clay chiminea pot is perfect for roasting s’mores with their grandkids.

“The neighborhood rabbits love it here,” smiles Rich. “They don’t eat anything; they just hang out with us. I try to be a tough guy, but I’m not. They know I’ll let them live here.”

Rich and Elaine are also know to throw pretty fun parties — a going-away party for a neighbor, a progressive dinner party with their church and sending a nephew off to the service. Next month is the official “closing of the pool” party.They also have an enclosed hot tub, which they enjoy most in the winter.

“It’s very therapeutic,” says Elaine.

Another plus is that their home is conveniently close to the bike paths. Together they ride bikes or go in-line skating, sometimes to Pleasant Hill and back.

Rich and Elaine have called Altoona home since 2004, and it’s easy for them to do so. They like Altoona’s small-town feel. They enjoy the fact that they know their car mechanic’s name. They like their neighbors now and the ones they used to have. No matter where they have lived, they seem to always keep in touch with old neighbors.

“We’ve always liked the small-town feel,” says Elaine.

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